Monday 9 June 2014

Welcome! I'm Kathy and I hope my story will inspire you and show how you CAN successfully change career from nursing (while still helping others).

I now help nurses to do what I do - create a home based business helping others with their health and wealth under the umbrella of an International health and nutrition company.

We got started with Forever 8 years ago and what an exhilarating time we’ve had over those years. We have built a totally new way of working & of earning money, added lots of new skills and friends to the mix and boy have we learned a few lessons along the way! 

Before I tell you more about how, with my help, you can start your own home business (hello freedom!) let me share my story with you, and how I changed career in my 40's from nursing to a fulfilling home based career which now spans over a dozen countries worldwide... 

(But in case you want to just know 'how this all works' right now, simply watch this free on-line DVD as it does a great job of giving you the overall picture).

"The majority of my career was as a nurse in the NHS and my husband Bryan worked full-time, and had done so for 20+years, at the Royal Mail.

Prior to starting our own business we had a “good life:” very steady employment, a beautiful home, fabulous holidays around the world, nice cars on the drive and money in the bank….

So what was wrong with that?

Well,  6 years previously my sister Sandra who was also my best friend (given there was only a little over a year between us) died at the age of only 40 leaving behind her husband & 2 beautiful young boys...

We were devastated, and personally this completely shook my world to the core...

For so long afterwards I felt completely cut adrift from everything. It was a feeling of being “lost at sea” & nothing made sense any more….

So I did what most people do - I got “busy”.

That meant throwing myself into work as a way of distracting myself & looking back now I can see I was living on auto-pilot most days.

I was working long shifts on a busy Cardio-Thoracic Critical Care Unit which left little time for dwelling on my own life & this coupled with Bryan’s shifts meant we hardly got to see each other.

Not how I’d envisioned our life together!

Nurses get to see lots of pain and suffering but also some joyful situations too and my love for the “people” side of nursing never diminished. However following my sister's early death I was all too aware of how time was passing by so quickly – yes it’s a cliché but its true.

I started to question everything about our lives and in particular why we were working such long hours which was constantly eroding our time together. Literally we were seeing more of our colleagues than of each other!

So while we had the “trappings” of a great life we didn’t have a lot of balance. We were very time poor and we both wanted to change that – but how?

We, like most people, had well & truly bought into the “40 Year Plan” & it was all we knew.

For anyone who has had, or has a job, that involves unsocial hours and shift work coupled with work related pressure, politics and stress, I’m sure you’ll “get” why we were looking for a better way!

We decided something had to change but we weren’t sure what we could do. We talked about how great it’d be to have a much more relaxed lifestyle… we’d always dreamed of retiring by the sea - and who doesn’t? But we wanted to turn our dream into a reality long before retirement came.

So as we both had a big love of Cornwall Bryan put in for a transfer with Royal Mail and I started looking at businesses as I wanted a way out of the NHS. 

None of this was an “overnight” sensation.  It took nearly 18 months for Bryan’s transfer to come through but we now had some planning time.

During those 18 months whilst I was still nursing I started asking friends & colleagues questions about what their ideal life would look like.

What came out of those conversations were lots of the things that I had on my wish list. Most people talked of wanting more free time, less stress, secure finances and a feeling of freedom. I started to think that that was how life ought to be… So, intent on building a life that suited us, I decided that working for myself would be the answer.

This led me to start looking at businesses – I was a novice at this so I only focused on traditional businesses and franchises.

I soon realised that most were financially out of my reach or they would be way too tying - as in working 24/7. I was eleven and a half months into the 12 months I’d give myself to find something when I read & answered a small advert in a magazine about working from home.

I was intrigued – it simply said:

 “Do you like helping people. Would you like a freer lifestyle working p/time flexible hours earning a full-time income”  


I thought "would I not!" So I visited the website at the end of the ad’ and watched a short DVD. I  absolutely loved what I saw but hadn’t really a clue as to what it was all about! However I went with my gut instinct as I could see real potential & I was ready for a change. 

No more talking about “it” -  it was time to get in gear and bring a whole new raft of experiences into our lives. Exciting yes, a bit nerve racking oh yes, worth it definitely. 

We happily got started not knowing what we were really doing. 


However, we were excited as to what sort of life we could build if we were prepared to get stuck in. Our early days in business were full of highs and lows which we now accept as being the learning curve we all have to go through to become proficient - much like any other undertaking.

The success of our business, which has been considerable over the last 8 years, has come from consistently applying the skills we’ve learned through all the training and support we’ve been given.

And of paramount importance is the very successful vibrant team we have built around the globe.

We have many very successful leaders within our team and its fun and rewarding helping others achieve their dreams…. Ha! There’s another one of those clichés but you’ll totally understand that if you too enjoy being a part of other’s successes.

All these years later we enjoy living by the sea in Cornwall, leading a much more laid back lifestyle, travelling to some exotic destinations around the globe, both for business and pleasure, and spending our time helping ordinary people – that’s what we class ourselves as – to get their own business alongside of us up and running…

What changes has having our own business brought into our lives…? 


Well let’s start with finances… my initial aim was to replace my salary – and I’m happy to say that happened a long time ago and even happier to say that I’ve long since surpassed my earnings as a full-time Nurse… yet that full time income has been built with part-time flexible hours!

There was something else that bothered me whilst working in the Health Service and it was my pension – I actually didn’t believe that it would amount to what would give me the kind of retirement I dreamt of!

So the fact that we could build up a “pension style” income by growing our business and helping more people really excited me – I didn’t understand it yet could see it was working for others….

So we got to work & yes we have that Royalty Income in place now which comes in month after month for the rest of our lives whether we are actively working or not...  I still find it amazing - who would have thought an ordinary person like me could earn a Royalty!!

So what’s this Royalty Income all about? 

Well by helping others, supporting and coaching them, to develop and grow their businesses the company pay us directly from their profits this secure monthly income for life… Is it money for old rope? Absolutely not – time, effort and skills go into helping others achieve. However as well as getting paid for that it is immensely rewarding seeing others reach their full potential.

And there are 4 main advantages to having a Royalty Income over a pension…

1) You don’t have to put any monetary contributions into it, you put in your time and effort
2) You don’t have to wait until you’re 65 or whatever retirement age is these days!
3) It is willable to your next of kin – how cool is that as pensions rarely carry on after death
4) And when you do Will it on there’s no Inheritance Tax to pay….

What else has the business brought us other than financial security? Well in no particular order here’s an overview:

As a couple we we’re very “time poor” before starting our business as you’ll remember we were both working long shifts.

So what’s the picture like now?

Well I’m home-based working part-time flexible hours usually around 20hrs a week – I earn a substantial income that has allowed my husband to go part-time with his work.

He actually could leave his job given the size of our business. However for now he’s happy doing what he’s doing… No more shifts though, Bryan just works the early shift now so we have got much more time in the afternoons, evenings and weekends to spend together.

We both came into this business with great health however I'd say its even better now. We’re in the Health and Wellness industry so we have benefited greatly by having superb products to hand. But you know a big part of feeling so great is no stress, no one breathing down my neck cracking the whip so to speak… It makes a big difference being in control of one’s own life….

Having a national and global business has given us true financial security - remember the Royalty I spoke about …. I mean let's face it I could have stayed working really hard as a Nurse and never have achieved what Forever has brought us... I don’t mind saying it does give me real peace of mind knowing I’ll never again rely on an employer and a job where money is concerned.

A very pleasant “side effect” of being shown how to building up our business (we have a tremendous support and training structure in place) has been the Personal Development that comes along with this.

Like most people I love learning new things so being able to develop top notch skills is a big tick in my book….. We have over the years achieved such a lot however I have to say its not because we are “great” its all down to the Training and Development that the company has continually supported us with….

And there’s more!! Do you like free holidays? We both adore travel – how good is it to see and experience different places, cultures and people… 


Well when I first looked at this business and saw that there were lots of free trips on offer I was hooked!

And you get given spending money too!!

So over the last 8yrs where have these all expenses paid FREE 5* trips taken us to?
Budapest – twice, Vienna, Marbella, Stockholm, Cannes, London, Hawaii, Sardinia and London again!

And as we speak we are getting sorted for our next company funded trip to Lake Tahoe and Dallas this September (2014)

And to say we’re excited about our FREE trips in 2015 is an understatement!! We’re off to Singapore next April and Cancun next Sept’ – can’t wait….

I mean 25yrs with the Health Service and aside from getting paid all I got was high stress levels and backache!! Being with a company that puts people first is so refreshing… 

Because of the business we were able to keep our family home as an investment property and buy our current beautiful home overlooking the sea in Cornwall… It was always a dream of ours to live by the sea and we up and turned it into a reality because having this home based business not only pays extremely well – no overheads, no stock, no staff – it means you can live anywhere you choose – and there’s no commuting!

We both feel extremely privileged to have built and to head up one of the most successful teams in the company – spending our time working alongside friendly, motivated, fun, like-minded people is very “addictive” – a great way to pass the time! We all in the team relish the fact that we can, and are, making a difference… Genuinely helping others with their health and their finances – this part of the “job” is very rewarding.

If you like helping others achieve their full potential, if you love learning new skills and passing them on to other then you've just swung by the right place – we may very well have something here for you.

You know I don’t mind sharing this with you – when I first set out to find a business that would give us a great lifestyle I thought, and did so for my first couple of years in business, that I was here for the money – oh how wrong was I!

Now please don’t misunderstand me - the money is fab’ – nothing wrong with earning mega bucks it does give one great choices.

However what I did come to realise within those first couple of years is that for me it is much more about the level of freedom that we have achieved.

Just imagine if you would what your life would look like if you had complete control over it.

No asking for time off for holidays or family commitments, no just surviving on a salary that doesn't rise as fast as prices do, being able to choose not only your own hours but who you work with and where, having the time and the money to do all the things that are important to you in your life… Not to mention jetting off to exotic locations, staying in 5* hotels all with spending money thrown in…. None of this is exclusive to us – it can apply to you too….

When all is said and done I still look back in amazement that 8 years ago in one of the worst recessions the world has seen, with a very small amount of start-up capital and with no experience whatsoever we started out on this incredible experience which has literally transformed our lives for the better…

Is it all sweet smelling roses and skipping along the way? Heck no, like anything else there are high & lows and business like life will bring challenges….

Has it been worth it? Yes - every little bit of it!

If you are keen to make some changes to your lifestyle, your career, your finances then I’m very happy to have a friendly yet professional chat with you to see how we can help address the challenges you may be facing right now…. 
Simply watch this short information video before you get in touch:

You can contact me (text or call) on: 07919 007979

All the best,